When Did You Last Clean Your Rug?

Deep and gentle cleaning, repair and restoration of area rugs and carpets by experienced professionals. Eco-friendly products, same day service.

Rug Cleaning

Whether it’s carpet and rug cleaning, repair, restoration or carpet installation services, we can offer them.

Carpet Cleaning

At Rug Repair Master, we offer a wide high-quality services for carpet and rug cleaning, repairing and restoration.

Upholstery Cleaning

It will improve the health of anyone with allergies or skin rashes, because it will eradicate allergens.

Professional Rug Cleaning
about Rug Repair Master

Best Carpet Cleaning Service

We know how precious our clients’ rugs are to them – whether large or small, handwoven or made of synthetic fibers, valuable investments or a precious gift, they’re usually taking pride of place in a home or office.


We are equally passionate about rugs, which is why we strive for excellence in our cleaning and repair services, and to exceed our customers’ expectations. But one thing we do know is that your rug needs regular care, to keep it in top shape. By letting us care for your precious piece, with a serious offsite deep clean, you’ll be prolonging its life and keeping it looking amazing.

What’s Our Rug Repair Secret?

What’s our secret? Well, for a start we only employ the most well-trained and qualified technicians, who can quickly identify your rug’s material, dyes, condition and the specific treatment it will need.


Furthermore, we only use eco-friendly products in our work, because we care about the health of you, your family and your employees. They’re just as effective as traditional cleaning solutions but they’re free of the harsh toxics that can cause so much distress to children or those with asthma.

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Reasons to Clean Carpet regularly

Quickly Cleaning the world.

When you entrust your rug to Rug Repair Master, you can be assured of top-quality service all the way. We have been serving customers in Gramercy Park, Murray Hill and across NYC for over two decades, so we’ve built up quite a reputation. Whether you’re a small family, a business or corporate offices, we’ll treat you the same. Our comprehensive services include antique rug, area rug and carpet cleaning, repair and restoration techniques and carpet installation. We know our business!


Every Client’s Needs Are Different


We understand that every client we serve has different needs, because each one of their pieces has unique features. Rugs and carpets vary widely, depending on their age, material and condition. That’s why we rely so much on our dedicated technicians – they have the know-how to advise you properly as to the specific cleaning your rug or carpet will need. They understand what goes into the making of a Persian, Chinese, Afghan or Native American rug, which is why you can hand it over to them and retain complete peace of mind.


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